Thursday, 17 June 2010

Rake out

Gee, this last week has been busy; brewed 4 times in 8 days, I've never done that before. I pressed one of my recently acquired fermenting vessels into action and so increased my potential brew-length1. I've also had to rack beer into cask because it was sitting in fermenters, getting in the way, besides, we've also had people ringing up for beer, some we've even had to disappoint due to a lack of beer being ready. But before the reader starts thinking I'm complaining, I'm not, it's all really good fun.

Some months ago I was talking to Glyn, who manages The Rake bar on Borough Market. We had discussed the possibility of him putting our beers on at some point in time; not that easy a job as we have no real logistics network to get casks down to London or empties back. Neither was I sure I could be in a position to have enough beer, or casks, to make it possible. Just over a week ago, during twitter discussions, it became apparent that I would be in London next week and then again a few weeks later for the GBBF. I also realised that having just taken delivery of new casks and having increased fermenting capacity, I could indeed manage to get beer to The Rake. Moreover, if I can risk my delicate country boy lung tissue to the great smog, then perhaps I could hang around while the beer is stillaged, tapped and settled, just so I can be around to check its quality.

And so, on the 28th June 2010, I will be in The Rake from around 4pm, and so will my beer. I'm excited, Glyn tells me he is, I'd like to think that beer lovers in London might be too. I'm slightly wary of the possibility of a whole load of proper beer rating people there, armed with finely tuned palates, but hey, feedback is feedback.

Hope to see you there.

If all goes well with casking-up this next week we will have;

Light Cascade 3.4% - guess what? it's made with Cascade hops.
Continuum 4.0% - Our "standard" beer, dry hopped in the cask.
Fusion(?name still in thought process) 4.2% Ginger and a hint of chilli, all late hopped.
Dark Energy 4.9% - Sort of a stout, perhaps, dark and fruity dry hops.
Infra Red 6.2% - I'm not even going to try and describe this, you beery experts will tell me something different, the best description on the night gets a pint bought by me.


1Brew-length is the volume of beer that can be made at one time. Why it is measured in units of volume but given a title suggesting a linear dimension in space is perhaps slightly confusing.


Rob said...

Always wanted to go to the Rake and wish I could make it. But I am happy in the knowlage that I already have your autograph Dave.

Cooking Lager said...

You give out autographs? How do I get one?

HardKnott Dave said...

Cookie, get somebody to visit the Rake, with paper and pen in hand, and tell them to tell me they were sent by you, I'd happily do an autograph, with best wishes. I'd even promise not to pressure them into telling me who you really are, or tell anyone that the said person knew you. How's that for a deal?

Sid Boggle said...

I'll be there, so I can do the autograph duties. Worry not about reception, David. The place will be mobbed with fucking tickers, but Glyn knows how to deal with them.

I'm looking forward to it

Velky Al said...

Note to self, next time you move country, make sure there is plenty of interesting cask ale.

Mark said...

See you there!

StringersBeer said...

You want to keep away from that lunnon Dave. They'll tell you lies and turn your honest north country head.

jocko said...

as a London ticker i will be there and as Sid suggests Glyn knows how to deal with us he serves us beer and takes our money or do bloggers get treated differently.also Dave you will get to sign the wall of fame or are you already up there.cheers

Brewers Union Local 180 said...

While at the GBBF, make sure you snag a pint of Union Dew.

Rabidbarfly said...

Dave WILL indeed be signing the wall of fame, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Washy said...

Best description of Infra Red, certainly in its previous incarnation of Zippy Red IPA is "it makes you piss yourself".