Friday, 8 January 2016

Statement from SIBA

I've been out in the van all day. I am desperate to blog about today's news that the chief medical officer, who's salary is paid for by us, the people, has declared some fairly outrageous things about alcohol consumption. You can imagine, as a brewer, I am absolutely spitting feathers. I will have my own angle to bring, however, Mike Benner, our SIBA MD has put out a splendid statement, echos many of my thoughts, so I copy it here.

“It is clearly important for the industry to consider the scientific evidence behind the new guidelines, not least because there is a widespread recognition of evidence of certain benefits associated with moderate and responsible consumption of alcohol. I think many men1 who regularly consume between 14 and 21 units of alcohol a week will be surprised to suddenly find themselves in an ‘at risk’ category and this may affect the guidelines’ credibility with many responsible drinkers, not least because they are significantly lower than guidelines in various other countries.

It’s also the case that the wider benefits on wellbeing and happiness which stem from the the responsible enjoyment of alcohol in a sociable environment such as a pub have been ignored and the industry and others need to work together to bring evidence to support this view to the fore. Enjoying a couple of beers in a pub with friends and colleagues at the end of a hard day can bring positive benefits to peoples’ lives

Britain’s independent craft breweries take pride in brewing fine high quality beers to be enjoyed by people who appreciate flavour and distinctiveness, responsibly and in moderation. I believe that, if people do respond to these guidelines by drinking less then they will inevitably turn to higher quality products for every occasion.”
Mike Benner, Managing Director of SIBA, the Society for Independent Brewers


1Pity he didn't say "people"


Curmudgeon said...

So good news for high-quality craft brewers, then - less means better.

So when you're only allowed one unit a week, so long as it's a third of 5.3% craft beer, everything will be OK?

Dave Bailey said...

Well, there is an argument, if you are limited, make what you can have good!

Seriously though, where is it all going to end? Total prohibition seems closer than ever.

Neil, Eating isn't Cheating said...

Hi Dave. The alcohol limits are different for men and women so 'people' wouldn't work in that sentence. However I see where you're coming from.



Dave Bailey said...

Yes Neil, that was pointed out to me on twitter too.

Dixonian said...

At least we've been offered some balance by the good people of Oxford. In pretty much anything you eat or drink there are benefits and drawbacks. Eat too many bananas and you get potassium poisoning, drink too much water and... something else bad happens. Point is that doesn't receive Government guidance...